Thanyapura 360 Fitness

Kick Start Your Active Lifestyle

Thanyapura 360 Fitness

Kick Start Your Active Lifestyle

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“If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed.” Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, Professor of Neuromuscular and Neurometabolic Disorders, Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University.

If you want to live a longer, better and healthier life, then it all comes down to two things: maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly. That’s it. Science has proven this and doctors recommend it, but the problem for many us is HOW to get started.

Optimise your diet and exercise programme with 360 Fitness

Thanyapura’s 360 Fitness is our Signature diet and exercise assessment designed by our in-house team of clinicians, dieticians and exercise specialists to analyse and improve your fitness and nutrition routine. Maintaining healthy habits is the surest pathway to living a healthier life.

This two-part programme includes a fitness assessment that includes a series of tests to evaluate your overall physical status, recognise movement patterns that impact your work, sports and daily activities. The nutrition assessment involves a body composition analysis and a detailed understanding of diet and food consumption patterns. These tests are the starting point for designing an exercise and nutrition programme that is safe, effective and suited to you.

Thanyapura 360 Fitness is highly recommended for adults of all ages who want to:

  • Kickstart a healthy lifestyle or fitness programme
  • Embark on a lifestyle modification programme
  • Optimise their diet and exercise programme

Your 360 Fitness takeaways are:

  • Personalised Fitness Training Program
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

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PRICE: THB 4,300 / person


  • Functional Fitness Assessment and Training Programme (60 minutes)
    • Posture assessment (body alignment and muscle imbalances)
    • Physical health history and exercise history
    • Cardiovascular endurance test
    • Muscle strength test
    • Flexibility test
    • Balance test
  • Nutrition consultation and meal plan (60 minutes)
    • Body composition analysis
    • One-on-one assessment with the nutritionist

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