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Chiropractic Treatments

Our Chiropractic Centre addresses the function of joints, muscles and nerves of the body and their affect on the overall health of the individual.

Treatment is most commonly used for acute and chronic discomfort or pain from many causes such as sports injuries, daily wear and tear on the body and degenerative changes due to aging.

Using advanced soft tissue and gentle joint adjusting techniques, treatment focuses on correcting movement restrictions. Localized stretching and specific exercises reinforce the natural healing process of the painful tissues.

Athletic performance is also improved by identifying and correcting proprioceptive faults thus improving strength and coordination.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Exercise
Chiropractic Treatment Thanyapura Phuket
“One of the best things about chiropractic care is it’s a drug-free and surgery-free path to healing naturally.”

Initial Assessment and Treatment:    THB 3,500
Follow Up Treatment:   30 Minutes THB 2,000  /   45 Minutes THB 3,000

Chiropractic Treatments

Thanyapura’s Chiropractic Services are specifically designed for the treatment of injuries, pain or numbness felt in the back, neck and the extremities. Chiropractic care doesn’t have to be limited to after care, preventative visits to a Chiropractor can also improve overall health and sense of well-being.

Chiropractic Q & A

Who benefits from chiropractic treatment?
  • People with painful conditions, injuries or degeneration, headaches, nerve impingement, weakness, numbness, tingling; most commonly for the back, neck and extremities.
  • Those who want to improve their overall health and for preventative measures.
  • Those seeking stress reduction and for a sense of well-being.
  • Children can come for scoliosis and postural screening.
  • Athletes come to help improve their performance by treating and preventing injuries.

People of all ages from infants to the elderly can receive safe and effective treatment.

What can I expect on my first visit to Thanyapura Phuket Chiropractic?

If you have never been to a chiropractor before it is wise to have a general check-up, regardless of how you feel to assess the status of your neuromusculoskeletal system and general health.

Please know the names of any medication you are taking and bring with you any imaging studies (MRI, X-Rays, reports, etc.) you have in your possession or have had done recently

You will be asked to complete a short form and then see our doctor who will review your health history including your current condition. This will be followed by an examination assessing the function of the joints of the skeletal system and the associated muscles. They will explain the findings and discuss if treatment will benefit you.

At times, referral for further tests or consultation will be needed.

If your condition warrants other than chiropractic services we will direct you to the correct treatment. At Thanyapura, our health team consists of our chiropractor, medical doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, as well as our nursing and massage staff.

What conditions improve with chiropractic treatment?

Most people see Chiropractors for the treatment of injuries, pain or numbness; most commonly for the back, neck and the extremities. Other people come to improve their overall health and sense of well-being. Athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors come to fine tune their bodies in order to perform at their peak.

A partial list of conditions that we treat include:

  • Back and neck pain, numbness or a tingling sensation in the arms or legs with or without muscle weakness.
  • Radiculopathies such as Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Injuries, sport and non-sport, acute or chronic.
  • Headaches, tension and migraine.
  • Miscellaneous areas such as foot and ankle pain, shoulder joint and TMJ (jaw pain and noise)
  • Generalized fatigue and poor health.
  • Stress and the stress component of illness.
  • Lower back pain, neck, mid back, and chest pain

Low back and neck pain are the top reasons people seek chiropractic treatments. Back pain can come from many different sources including the spinal joints and ligaments, muscles, tendons, inter vertebral disks, and nerves.

Does it hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments can be as gentle as you require so there is no need for painful treatments.

How does chiropractic benefit athletes?

Sports injury treatment and prevention, and enhancing sports performance

Chiropractic care is utilized by many athletes both amateur and professional, including university and professional sports teams in America and around the world.
The Role of Chiropractic in Managing Injuries:

  • remove swelling and accelerate healing
  • restore normal motion, function and bio mechanics
  • relieve acute pain and reduce chronic pain
  • restore normal sensation and communication in the nervous system
  • relax tight muscles and improve alignment of new connective tissue during healing
  • restore and maintain flexibility of ligaments and muscles
  • restore and maintain normal muscle tone and coordination
  • reduce risk of re-injury and joint degeneration (osteoarthritis)
What services are offered at Thanyapura Phuket Chiropractic?
  1. Chiropractic full body evaluation and treatment.
  2. Specialized athletic muscular system assessment to find hidden imbalances that lead to injury.
  3. Chiropractic treatment techniques include diversified and activator instrument adjusting and joint mobilization.
  4. Applied Kinesiology (AK), Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Cranial Therapy, Healing Touch
  5. Specific soft tissue techniques (fascia, muscle, tendon, ligaments): Active Release (ART) Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Transverse Friction massage, among others.
  6. Heat and cold pack application, in-house referral for physiotherapy modalities including interferential current, Russian stimulation, micro current, TENS and ultrasound.
  7. Instruction on specific stretching and one on one rehabilitation exercise sessions to assist full healing.
  8. Addressing the activities of daily living such as posture, stress, sleep, diet and nutrition.
  9. Referral to personal trainers and coaches for fitness instruction and sport specific training.
  10. Referral for anti-aging, regenerative medical treatments
How many treatments will I need?

That depends on many factors such as how long has the problem been there, your age, extent of any degenerative changes (wear and tear) amount of pain and degree of injury to name a few. Usually, the first treatment will provide improvement and a treatment plan can be discussed based upon your condition.

Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment works by restoring proper motion and alignment to the joints of the body. Abnormal motion or alignment termed joint fixation and subluxation (muscles and bones moving out of place) can cause localized inflammation, pain and stiffness. Altered joint biomechanics increase loading forces of the joints and soft tissues, causing muscle tightness, reduced flexibility, strain injuries and accelerated joint degeneration.

At times, numbness or a tingling sensation can develop as a result of altered nerve function directly or in association with disc-related injury.

Altered proprioception from dysfunctional joints and muscles can cause reactive muscle weakness and impaired coordination resulting in reduced athletic performance and susceptibility to injury.

Chiropractic treatments are performed at Thanyapura in Phuket by a licensed Chiropractic doctor, Thomas Walton who is certified in Thailand and the United States.

Chiropractic Experience

Consists of a hands on structural and functionally directed treatment to restore restricted joint motion, reduce muscle tightness/ spasm, improve flexibility, increase strength and to reduce pain.

Typically in non-acute conditions, heat is used to first relax the body, followed my specific soft tissue techniques to reduce tight muscles This allows for the gentle and effective release of subluxated, fixated joints that are most often the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal pain conditions.

If warranted, cold is applied afterwards to reduce localized inflammation. To speed recovery and proper healing, self-directed home care instructions are given. These may include the use of cold, heat, specific stretching, exercises and modifying your activities of daily living including work place ergonomics, lifting techniques and many others such as posture and sleeping positions.

Follow Up & Re-evaluation

In most cases, one treatment will indeed improve your range of motion, reduce pain and muscle tightness. A follow up visit is crucial in making permanent improvement in the condition causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

We always prefer that clients return for a follow-up appointment within a few days so that we may re-evaluate their condition and the effectiveness of treatment.

Healing is a process so it is impossible for your body to fully recover in one visit. In each subsequent visit, we will track improvement and continue to access and modify each treatment for the level of dysfunction found.

In situations where the expected amount of improvement is not realized we will re-examine you and proceed with one of the following depending on the physical findings and your needs:

  • Alter the type of treatment with a different approach.
  • Refer for outside consultation or treatment, laboratory tests or imaging studies such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans.
  • Discontinue care or treat together with another health care professional possibly to include physiotherapy, medical massage, acupuncture or medical care.

Each condition has its uniqueness as every person does, so it is difficult to give an exact figure on the number of visits it will take to heal.

For a variety of reasons not everyone gets total relief and improvement will plateau. At that point we will suggest a number of options including other forms of treatment as well continuing chiropractic on an as needed basis; you come for treatment when your body tells you it is time for an adjustment.

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Talk to Us

Get in touch and one of our friendly and professional health concierge team will answer your questions or make a no-obligation appointment for you.

Not sure what you need?  No problem!  Our health and wellness advisors are here to guide you, just get in touch with us through the form below and we’ll look after you.