The Fourth Thanyapura Classic Cycling Race Takes Place in Phuket, Thailand

The fourth annual Thanyapura Classic Cycling Race was held on 12 November 2017, with top athletes and cycling enthusiasts traveling to Phuket from around the world in order to take part. The race is the largest cycling competition on the island, and offers 2 options for riders: a 45km route and a 106km route. Participants raced through lush jungle scapes, up and down mountainous terrain and through scenic pathways along northern Phuket’s breathtaking coastline. The 45km and 106km races were open to males and females aged 13 and above.

2017’s Classic Cycling Race, which was hosted and organised by the Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, saw Mr. Witthawat Wari victorious, as he took first place in 106 km open category. In second place was Mr. Jurgen Zack, and Mr. Rune Hovland took third. This year’s grand prize for each of the gold medal winners in their respective categories is a voucher to take advantage of the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Nai Yang. A full list of this year’s results can be found here.

Paolo Randone, Vice President of Thanyapura Sports and F&B, said, “As the number one sports resort in Asia, we are very proud to once again organise the Thanyapura Classic Bike race, and enjoy seeing more and more people take part year after year. Cycling is a big part of Thailand’s sport culture, and is linked to many health benefits. It is great to see a steady increase in the sport’s popularity. We believe that being a part of the race provides a lot of motivation to the young – and the young at heart. It is our mission to continue to support and organise events like this to motivate all generations to live a healthier life.”

In addition to the prizes awarded to the winners, this is the first year that participants had the chance to win some of the fantastic products offered in a Lucky Draw. Items up for grabs included a Trek Emonda ALR 4 bike, Suunto Spartan GPS watches, gift vouchers to Thanyapura and a Trainer Cycleops Magneto. A big thank you to 2017’s Thanyapura Classic Cycling Race sponsors: ProBike, Trek, Vatemon, Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, NGG Timepieces, Khao Phuket, The Phuket News, Aroma Group, Pom Sport Shutter and Born Free To Tri.

The Thanyapura Phuket Classic Cycling Race was established in 2014 under the name Grand Fondo, and offers 2 separate races. The 45km route for enthusiasts, and the 106km route for advanced athletes. All participants are individually timed. This year, 160 participants took part in the 45km race, and 103 participants in the 106km race. Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort organises a number of events that attract top international athletes each year, along with providing high quality bike rental services and professional coaching. Thanyapura’s resident Sports Scientist analyses data from Computrainers to create personalised profiles that show performance levels, and help to improve training programmes.